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The champion of all Mongo returns in this new volume of classic comics stories! Flash Gordon Comic Book Archives Volume 3 reprints the full run of Flash Gordon stories originally published by Charlton Comics in the late 1960s and with these amazing tales of outer-space adventure, Flash has quite a fight on his hands!

Featuring eye-popping artwork from such comics luminaries as Jeff Jones and Pat Boyette, this new wave in the history of Flash Gordon promises thrills, excitement, and touches of wry comedy! Strange creatures, fantastic planetscapes, intense action-everything you love about Flash Gordon!

Another fine cover composition from Pat Boyette.

Here again, Pat Boyette handles the panel layout masterfully!
Flash Gordon #16  in the Mystical Realm
"Mission into the Mystical Realm"
Flash and Zarkov travel to Ophir to fight beside Silvius of the Valmiki (one of the three princes of Ophir), Remondo of the Kaffid and Ovyd of Phorr (the other two princes), against Ming the Merciless and Tarquin the Dark Wizard. 
Art by Pat Boyette.
Reintroduces Ming the Merciless.
Part II "The Monster and the Maid"
Zarkov frees Jessa the Serene, who defeats Ming.
Art by Pat Boyette.
"Mine Menace"
Death Defiler text story.
"The Real Enemy"
Art by Pete Morisi.

Here's a couple of the reproduced pages from the Archives edition for comparison purposes.

Reprinted in Dark Horse Comics The Flash Gordon Comic Book Archives Volume 3. This is a gorgeous hardcover treatment you do not want to miss. Even includes some of the classic advertisement pages. Collects the complete run of Flash Gordon #12-#18, released by Charlton Comics. 

Volume 5 collects Flash Gordon #28-#37 from Gold Key, plus the three-issue adaptation of the cult favorite Flash Gordon movie!

Carlos Garzon channeled Al Williamson magnificently!

Volume 4 collects Flash Gordon #19–#27 released by Gold Key.

Volume 2 collects Flash Gordon #1--#11 from King Comics and selections from The Phantom #18--#20. Including art from Flash Gordon creator Alex Raymond. 

Classic Flash Gordon, by Paul Norris. From Dell Comics Four Color #173 (1942 series.)
Volume 1 collects the earliest issues of Flash's adventures, seven complete comics originally published by Dell Comics Four Color & Flash Gordon series, from 1947 through 1953.

The ad just below was reproduced in the Dark Horse Flash Gordon Comic Book Archives Volume 3. Although this back-up story was not included.

The masked man in this back-up story from Flash Gordon #16 sure reminded me of the Whisperer, from Spyman #1. Uncanny, other than the color difference.
Two more ads from Flash Gordon #16 reproduced for the Archives edition.

Enjoy this sweet slice of Silver Age comic books.

Breathtaking Al Williamson Flash Gordon spread!
Nice wraparound cover to one of the recent Flash Gordon Dynamite Comics.
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 
Mattel released a Flash Gordon action figure, in 1979, as part of the first series of Flash Gordon figures, with 5 points of articulation.

Flash Gordon statue.

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