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"A cool knowing man who savors danger... who will not make one concession to fear...
and whose fees may be as little as a smile from a pretty girl!"

Sarge Steel masterfully illustrated by Dick Giordano.
Sarge Steel is a highly-trained, very experienced Special Forces man with cross-training in intelligence and experience as a private detective. He’s been described as a guerilla ace and is extensively trained in several martial arts, including fencing and hand-to-hand combat techniques to defend against armed opponents.

This was the last issue titled Sarge Steel, the next issue, #9, continued as Secret Agent. 

Though I missed Giordano, Montes & Bache did a good job on the series.

Sarge Steel #8 Special Agent  The Toughest Man In The World!
Cover by Sarge Steel creator Pat Masulli & Rocke Mastroserio.
"File 108 Case of the Terrible Talon"
The Talon and his operatives in Germany have been kidnapping men like Prof. Franz Froelig, extorting money from industrialist Herr Brimhaufen, and destroying a power station. A group of West German business and professional men contact Sarge Steel for help.
Written by Joe Gill with art by Bill Montes & Ernie Bache.
"Tank Trouble"
One page text story.
"Part II The Faceless Man"
After ignoring a warning to leave Germany or die, Steel is kidnapped by Talon agents, along with Gerta, a West German Security Bureau agent. They are taken to East Germany and brought before Talon. Steel is able to resist a mind-control device, takes Talon as his prisoner, and soon escapes with Gerta.
Written by Joe Gill with art by Bill Montes & Ernie Bache.
"Part III Trail of a Terrorist"
They drive away in Steel's specially equipped Mercedes-Benz, but are soon followed and attacked by Talon's men, who don't realize their leader is in the car. They reach the border into West Germany, and bring the criminal to justice. Talon's men launch an assault outside the building which is holding his trial. After the attackers are defeated, Steel tells the Court to let Talon go. They will let it leak out that Talon betrayed his people to them in return for his freedom. He'll spend the rest of his life being hunted, never knowing a moment's peace.
Written by Joe Gill with art by Bill Montes & Ernie Bache.
"Blue Four Top Secret"
Three-page supplement which explains some of the weapons and devices used in the main story.
Written by Joe Gill with art by Rocke Mastroserio.

Back cover for Sarge Steel #8. Fun ads!

Most of Sarge Steel's cases involved various international conspiracies and eventually, he became an official government agent with the book retitled Secret Agent. After that, it only lasted two issues.

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I enjoyed the series then and I still enjoy it now. It's a shame it hasn't been collected in a nice, hardcover collection. There's enough material in the series, since it was also a back-up in the Judomaster comic as well. 

I enjoyed the series best when Giordano was illustrating it.

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