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Sorry, I almost forgot to mention the fourth and final season of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea began with Victor Jory playing a five century old alchemist while the Seaview is threatened by buffeting underwater currents created by a volcano on the verge of a major eruption. After a few episodes there were revamped opening credits depicting action sequences and the stars' pictures in color set on a sonar board design. The closing credits picture remained unchanged from season three.

Near the end of the fourth season, there were three unrelated stories of extraterrestrial invasion in three weeks. One episode had an unknown master of disguise infiltrating and wreaking havoc aboard the Seaview. Another episode has Nelson, Morton and Sharkey actually "gaslight" Crane! There were two time travel stories in two weeks, which both featured the enigmatic but dangerous Mister Pem. The second of the two had the Seaview going back in time to the American Revolution. The episode (and series) ended with the Seaview returning to the present. The final scene of the show has Nelson and Crane sitting in the seldom used easy chairs on the port side of the observation nose discussing how fast time goes by. With this the Seaview is seen sailing into television history.

This issue takes a wildly different look at the Seaview.

Although the design of the Flying Sub was spot on, finally, the use of it was very different from the TV series.

Seems to me, I don't recall a deck cannon on the Seaview in the TV series.
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea #11
"SOS Seaview"
On a shakedown cruise to test the most advanced control panel ever made, the Seaview takes on a life of it's own and runs amuck!

"SOS Seaview Part II"
Like some enraged sea creature, the uncontrollable Seaview rams a super tanker on the high seas and churns to a halt.
Art by Alberto Giolitti.
First use of the TV design for the Flying Sub, although the use of the it was not at all like it was on the TV. That part was a shame, but to be fair to Giolitti, he probably had no source material on the Flying Sub. After all, the earlier design of the Flying Sub in the comics didn't even resemble the ship used on TV either. 
A two-part story.
"Sounds of the Sea"
One page text non-fiction article.
Explorers in the Unknown story by Dick Wood & Nevio Zeccara.
Just a reminder, I have already featured the Explorers series in a different post on my blog.  

Non-fiction article from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea #11.
DVD of the original motion picture, with a cover taken from the second issue of the Gold Key comic book series.
I enjoyed the packaging for the entire series of Land of the Giants, even came with a pocket sized comic book. I have yet to pick up Lost in Space & Time Tunnel.

While the series became rather fanciful as it wore on, it remained an entertaining, action-filled adventure on TV and in the comics. 

Glad to say that I have collected the entire series on DVD. Still enjoy it after all these years.
Couple of photos from Season Four episodes.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Seaview sailing out into the night.
Diagram of the Flying Sub.

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