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Gold Key Comics put out a great comic book series based on the exciting Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea TV series, running 16 issues from 1964 to 1970. Most of the dynamic covers were painted by George Wilson and had a photo of either Richard Basehart (Admiral Nelson) or David Hedison (Captain Crane) on them.
Always loved the logo for the TV show.

The first issue of the Gold Key comic was a story called "The Last Survivor". The story brought back Dr. Gamma, the villain from the pilot episode, "Eleven Days to Zero". Gold Key Comics' story was the only sequel to the pilot episode.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea #12  The sea creatures declare war on mankind—and make Seaview the prime target for all-out assault!
"Submarine Cities" 
One page text article.
"The Emperor of the Oceans"
The denizens of the deep had declared war on the citizens of land and directing it all was a superbrained mammal of the depths who would give no quarter.  
Art by Alberto Giolitti (Turok.)
"Caesarea...City Beneath the Sea"
One page text article.
"Prisoners of the Jelly Planet" 
Four page Explorers in the Unknown story.
Script by Dick Wood (Jet Dream) with art by Nevio Zeccara (Star Trek.)
"Part II The Emperor of the Oceans" 
Trapped beneath the mammoth weight of two whales and clogged jet tubes, the Seaview struggles for her life in the ocean depths.

Comparison of George Wilson's cover with Alberto Giolitti's interior splash page.
Inside front cover article in this issue.

Dick Wood & Nevio Zeccara's terrific Explorers in the Unknown first of three part story in this issue. The next two parts ran in issues #13 & #14. The last Explorers story ran in issue #15.
This issue brought us the Flying Sub descending from the proper location in the Seaview. Unfortunately, we still have the first season design of the Seaview and not the later design the Flying Sub actually descended from.
A picture of the 15 cent cover price on Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea #12.
This issue was also published with a 12 cent & 15 cent cover price although the content remained the same.

Highly Recommended - Volume Two of the Hermes Press hardcover complete comic book series collection.

George Wilson's superb original cover painting.

George Wilson painted cover art for this issue used on the slipcover for Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea The Complete Series hardback Volume Two.

Japanese Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea hardcover
Dramatic interior illustration of the Seaview from the Japanese hardcover.
Lovely interior illustration of the Seaview from the Whitman hardcover.
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
Cover for the theme song & lyrics from the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea motion picture. The theme song was sung by Frankie Avalon, who also co-starred as crew member Lt. Danny Romano in the movie.
Sweet shot of one of the actual Flying Sub models used in the television show.

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