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When Blue Beetle got his own magazine, they needed a companion feature for it. I didn't want to Mr. A, because I didn't think the Code would let me do the type of stories I wanted to do, so I worked up the Question, using the basic idea of a man who was motivated by basic black & white principles. Where other "heroes" powers are based on some accidental super element, The Question and Mr A's "power" is deliberately knowing what is right and acting accordingly. But it is one of choice. Of choosing to know what is right and choosing to act on that knowledge in all his thoughts and actions with everyone he deals with. No conflict or contradiction in his behavior in either identity. He isn't afraid to know or refuse to act on what is right no matter in what situation he finds himself.
Where other heroes choose to be self-made neurotics, the Question and Mr. A choose to be psychologically and intellectually healthy. It's a choice everyone has to make.
--Steve Ditko in an interview with fanzine Marvel Main.

New Blue Beetle & Question story by Benjamin Smith, Dan Reed, Bob McLeod, Al Val & Bill Black. 
The Question was crusading TV journalist Vic Sage, who use a synthetic skin mask and a morphing gas developed by Dr. Aristotle Rodor, to fight big-city crime.

Originally bagged in 3 packs!

Blue Beetle #1
"Who is the Question?"
First appearance of Vic Sage, the Question
Script and art by Steve (Liberty Belle) Ditko.
Modern Comics exact reprint of Charlton Blue Beetle #1 except for newer ads and different cover copy (Modern Comics logo and 35c cover price.)

Big hardcover to keep a Charlton fan happy for hours!

The Action Heroes Archives Vol. 2
Question figure on the cover taken from page 1 of the Question story from Blue Beetle #1.Reprints the Question from Blue Beetle, Mysterious Suspense #1, The Charlton Portfolio & Charlton Bullseye #5 stories. 

Glad to have this great series in my collection!

A few years after the original run, the equally legendary Alex (Black Hood, Black Canary) Toth contributed one Question cover and story for Charlton Spotlight #5. Toth presents an equally pragmatic hero.  

Here we got one step closer to Steve Ditko's classic Mr. A. Whether you like it, or hate it, comic books are where it's at for this ground breaking work. I know this was my favorite time to be a Ditko fan.

The only published full length Question adventure. Dynamite cover!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Reminds me I still have plenty of Ditko to ad to my collection.

My favorite Alex Toth work was on Space Ghost!

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