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With Atlas, DC Comics' 1st Issue Special series started out - with a bang. I loved it, pure Jack Kirby mythology. And this was just the beginning!

Atlas reappeared later on in the Superman series.

The Lizard King Hyssa raids a small Mediterranean village, enslaving and killing dozens of people. One youth named Atlas survives the attack, but his family is not quite so lucky. He comes under the care of a man named Chagra who recognizes that Atlas is from the Crystal Mountain. He protects Atlas from Hyssa's war party and after they leave, Atlas returns to his home community to find it burned to the ground. Recovering a shard from the Crystal Mountain, he swears revenge against King Hyssa.

Years pass, and Atlas grows into a powerful man gifted with Herculean strength and stamina. Chagra remains by his side and promises to lead Atlas to the beast responsible for killing his people if he in turn will lead him to the Crystal Mountain.

Various unpublished Atlas material was presented in the Jack Kirby Collector magazine.

Atlas and Chagra reach the Lizard Kingdom where he exhibits more great feats of strength. He wins in a challenge against a man named Kargin and finds himself at odds with one of the King's nobles, a man who sends his slaves and archers to take him down. Atlas survives the conflict and continues on his quest.

1st Issue Special   Is He Legend or Man?
"Atlas the Great"
"Atlas the Untamed"
"Human Lizard" 
Set in an ancient world of legends and wonders when man rose from barbarism, Atlas exhibits his strength while his companion Chagra looks for a challenger. 

Written & pencils by Jack "The King" Kirby with D. Bruce Berry inks.
Told in four individually titled chapters.
Editorial about Atlas. Includes illos from story.

There is a rumored second issue of Atlas. Somewhat related is the odd fact Kirby went ahead on Dingbats. There is a complete second issue which was fully inked and lettered, and a third issue which was completely penciled and along with that, a fourth and fifth issue are rumored to exist, but still in the pencil stage!

A story originally scheduled to appear in issue #6 featuring Batgirl and Robin instead was published in Batman Family #1. Recap of the histories of Batgirl and Robin, by way of introducing the new Batman Family comic books.

A story originally scheduled to appear in issue #14 featuring Green Arrow and Black Canary instead was published in Green Lantern #100. "Beware the Blazing Inferno" Written by Elliot S. Maggin with Mike Grell & Vince Colletta art. Roy Harper does not appear in costume.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 

Original cover for 1st Issue Special #1.
Original concept pages for Atlas!

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