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As I look back at the comic books I grew up with, I realize the significance Steve Ditko made on me. He not only drew me into Spider-Man and other superheroes, but he also drew me into the suspense stories he illustrated as well. I loved his work in Creepy, Many Ghost of Dr. Graves and Mr. A. He was much more than a superhero artist to me. Much more.

My favorite splash page, from The Blue Beetle #2 origin issue!

Other superheroes I enjoyed early on were the Charlton Action Heroes. Blue Beetle was the legacy name of several super-heroes with different abilities. Dan Garrett was the original version, an archaeologist who discovers and uses the Blue Beetle Scarab to fight crime.

The Charlton Action Heroes in AC Comics' Sentinels of Justice from Americomics Special #1!
His successor was Ted Kord, taking up his mentor's mantle using martial arts and gadgetry when he couldn't unlock the scarab's power, eventually becoming a member of Justice League International, Living Assault Weapons and Super Buddies. Ted Kord was created by Steve Ditko, first appearing in Captain Atom #83.

Captain Atom #85
"Fights a Submarine"
Blue Beetle attempts a daring rescue of a hijacked aircraft. 
Dan Garret flashback.
Plot & art by Steve Ditko, script by Gary Friedrich.
Reprinted in Modern Comics' Captain Atom #85, Captain Atom story edited by one page.  
Reprinted in DC Comics Action Heroes Archives Vol. 2.  

I also loved the return of Nightshade in the Captain Atom story. Comics were so much more fun those days. I miss that. 

Great DC Comics mini-series The L.A.W. by Bob Layton & Dick Giordano!
Not so good interpretation of Nightshade in the series!
Great coverage of the Charlton Action Heroes, and more!
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 

Charlton ad for some great action heroes in their line-up!

Splash page for Americomics Special #1, only issue, DC acquired rights after AC. .
DC Comics ad for the Blue Beetle comic book!

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