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Black Canary is a superhero vigilante who fights crime using martial arts and a sonic scream attack. She is one of the greatest fighters in the DC Universe, with a strong tactical mind. In an attractive black outfit with fishnet stockings and blonde hair, and she is usually seen riding her motorcycle. There have been two Canaries to share the legacy. Dinah Drake was the original during World War II and the Golden Age of heroes. Her daughter Dinah Lance would take the position during the Silver Age when she grew old enough. Green Arrow fights alongside her most often as they are romantically involved. She has been a member of the Justice Society, the Justice League, Team Arrow and the Birds of Prey. Black Canary was created by Robert Kanigher and Carmine Infantino, first appearing in Flash Comics #86. Her more recognizable daughter was introduced by Roy Thomas in Justice League of America #220.

DC Special Series #10
Cover by Jose Luis (Atari Force, Batman vs. Hulk) Garcia-Lopez
"The Canary is a Bird of Prey"
The untold origin of Black Canary
As uncovered by writer Gerry (TV's Law and Order, Atari Force) Conway and artists Mike (Archer & Armstrong, Lori Lovecraft) Vosburg & Terry (X-Men, Cloak and Dagger) Austin.

To bad I haven't seen this gem hasn't gotten the reprint treatment. 

Black Canary from Arrow!
Her sister takes over the Canary mantle.
Not as prominent Black Canary from Smallville.

Of late, it's nice to see Canary's return in The CW's Arrow, soon to appear as the White Canary in a spin-off series, Legends of Tomorrow. In the TV series, her sister takes over the reigns as Black Canary. She was introduced in the series as having been in the League of Assassins. 

Always loved this Justice League of America cover featuring the fishnet stockings!
Alex Toth showing Canary in action!

The Black Canary Archives Vol. 1 contains the early Infantino days along with the Alex Toth stories.
It's been great to look back at one of my favorite DC comic book heroines.
"Iron" Mike Grell illo!
Butch Guice sketch!

Can't go without Bruce Timm!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 

Another Alex Toth, black & white and color.
Alex Toth can do no wrong in my book!

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