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Here's our next installment of the Strange Adventures of Deadman, namely issue #206, when Neal Adams came on board.  

Ad for Strange Adventures #214.

Jeff Carling, Lorna's half-brother and part-owner of Hill's Circus, insured Boston Brand's life for $10,000 before Brand's recent demise. Against his sister's wishes, he takes the money from the safe to make a blackmail payment to Morty, the leader of Jeff's motorcycle club. It is revealed that Jeff undertook a contract to kill another gang boy, Lenny Deane, and Morty is blackmailing Jeff with a photo of him holding the rifle which was used to kill Deane.

Initially, Deadman suspects Jeff of not only shooting Deane, but him too. But he discards both theories when he discovers that Jeff couldn't be in two places at once, and his rifle wasn't capable of making the shot that killed Deane. After solving the murder case, Deadman brings Morty to the cops where he makes him confess to Deane's killing. Jeff is later cleared of any wrong doing.

Back cover to Strange Adventures #206

A lot of Neal Adams' style was toned down by the George Roussos inks.

Original panels from Strange Adventures #206 & heavily redone panels from the hardcover collection!

Strange Adventures #206   He Lives Again -- Deadman!
"An Eye for an Eye"
Lorna's criminal brother Jeff shows up at the circus eager to get his hands on the insurance money from Boston Brand's death and Deadman suspects him of the murder.
Written by Arnold Drake with pencils by Neal Adams, inked by George Roussos.
First Neal Adams work at DC Comics.  
Cover by Mike Sekowsky & George Roussos. 
Story is told in two chapters, each ending in 1/2 page.

I wished these panels hadn't been retouched quite as much as they were. Takes away from the Silver Age tone!

World's Finest #223
"Wipe the Blood off my Name"
The daring secret even Batman never knew!
Written by Bob (Brave & the Bold) Haney with art by Dick (Justice League of America) Dillin & Vince (Forever People, New Gods) Coletta. 
"An Eye for an Eye"
Reprints Strange Adventures #206.

The Baxter paper reprint series Deadman #1!
Book One of the Deadman trade paperback series!
Slipcover for the hardcover The Deadman Collection.

This was also included in the Baxter paper reprint series Deadman #1, (which also has a great article on how Arnold Drake co-created Deadman), Book One of the Deadman trade paperback series & strongly reinked & recolored (issue #206) for The Deadman Collection hardcover.  

Could have been a great logo for the proposed Deadman TV series!

At one time, Deadman was in development at the CW, when Smallville was in its tenth season, by Supernatural creator Eric Kripke.What might have been?

The hardcover for The Deadman Collection.
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 

Deadman by Steve "The Dude" Rude!
Deadman was prominently featured in the revamped Adventure Comics #459!
Nice sketch of Neal Adams DC superheroes!

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