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Next in the continuing Strange Adventures of Deadman, #207! This is where Neal Adams takes over the complete artistic reigns. One of my favorite Neal Adams' dynamic covers, love the green background!

Neal Adams has given us so much over the years, even Ben Casey!
Hill's Circus leaves town, and Boston Brand remains behind to check out another lead to his killing: Rocky Manzel, the thuggish owner of a discotheque called The Freak-Out. Some time before his murder, he had befriended Liz Martin, a singer at the discotheque, and got into a fight with the jealous Rocky. After beating Manzel, Brand promised to come back and help Liz out of Rocky's clutches, but he was killed off before he could. Deadman returns to The Freak-Out and uses the body of Paul, a bartender, to expose a counterfeiting operation Manzel is running. However, he also learns that Manzel was in the hospital at the time of his murder so, he's not responsible for his demise. After seeing that Liz is safe with Paul and intends to marry him, Deadman returns to the search for his murderer.

Strange Adventures #207   Which One Of You Is My Killer? Which One? -- Which One?
"What Makes a Corpse Cry?"
While trying to find his killer, Boston Brand checks on Rocky Manzel who once threatened to kill him. Deadman stops Rocky and his band of counterfeiters.
Plot by Carmine (Batgirl) Infantino, written by Jack Miller with art by Neal Adams.
Pages 6 and 17 are half-pages.
Neal Adams incorporated DC staffers & other faces in the cover: Jay Scott (Dolphin) Pike, Lee (Black Cat) Elias, Jack (Deadman) Miller, Ra's al Ghul & God!

These 100 Page specials were so big and wonderful!

World's Finest #226
"What Makes a Corpse Cry?"
Plot by Carmine Infantino, written by Jack Miller with art by Neal Adams.  
Story reprint from Strange Adventures #207.

Ad for the awesome Baxter paper reprint series.
Deadman #2
"What Makes a Corpse Cry?"
Plot by Carmine Infantino, written by Jack Miller with art by Neal Adams. 
Story pages 6 and 17 are half pages for a total page count of 16 pages.
Deadman Checklist by Paul (Legion of Super-Heroes) Levitz & Nicola (E-Man) Cuti.

Deadman #5
Reprinting the cover for Strange Adventures #207, without the logo, to reveal the complete artwork.

This issue is also reprinted, with the cover, in The Deadman Collection hardcover edition and Deadman Book One trade paperback.

Fred Hembeck take on Deadman!
Loved it when Neal Adams illustrated the X-Men.

“I don’t really feel responsible for Deadman. I didn’t create the character, Carmine Infantino did. I wrote about three of the Deadman stories, and plotted those three, and was in on the plotting of some others. But most of the credit has to be given to Jack Miller, now deceased. He had a very realistic writing style, probably due to the fact that he had been writing romance stories for a long while, and it gave him a good feeling for dialogue, something that was better in Deadman than it is in most comic books.” --Neal Adams
Ad for Strange Adventures #207
Nice array of Deadman appearances!
Even Jack Kirby got in on the Deadman action, in Forever People #10.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
Good looking action figure!
Nice Bruce Timm take on Deadman!


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