Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Dynamo, published by Tower comics, was always my favorite of the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents team.
Now that's a suit if armor!
Four issues of Dynamo were published, outside his appearances in the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents comic book. Wally Wood illustrated the captivating covers. A majority of the great artwork was Wally (Daredevil) Wood, along with Dan (Marvel's Capt. Marvel) Adkins. Writers included Len Brown & Ralph (Castle of Frankenstein) Reese. Other top Silver Age artists included Mike (JLA) Sekowsky, Reed (Creepy) Crandall, Steve (Creeper) Ditko, Dick (Sgt. Fury) Ayers, Chic (Thor) Stone, Joe (Creepy) Orlando & Paul (The Fly) Reinman.
From T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #1
 Dynamo was the alter-ego of Leonard Brown, a socially awkward, normal guy, when using the Electron Molecular Intensifier (Thunder) Belt, gave him the density of steel along with super human strength and a resistance to injury. The tools of the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents came at a price, like the belt which could be lethal if overused (half an hour.)
Ironically, the writer Len Brown, who wrote most of the Dynamo stories, wanted to use Thunderbolt (because of the Thunderbelt) for his hero. Dynamo was originally going to be the name -- of a villain! Wally Wood changed things up with using Dynamo for the hero instead.  

 Dynamo's main villain was the Iron Maiden, which had a fondness for him. Weed (Wally Wood's alter ego), of the Thunder Squad, also had a back-up feature in the Dynamo comic.

Story continues from Dynamo #4! Includes a terrific NoMan story by Steve Ditko!
House ad for Tower Comics! Fight the Enemy #2 pictured has a Boris Vallejo story!

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Archives Vol. 1 of 7 Highly Recommended!
Dynamo #1  Now! The Book You Asked For.  The Greatest T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agent of Them All!
"Menace from the Moon"
"A Day in the Life of Dynamo"
"Back to the Stone Age"
"Dynamo Meets the Amazing Andor"

"Wonder Weed, Super Hero"

Dynamo #2
"The Web of SPIDER"
"SPIDER Strikes at Sea"
"Between Two Enemies"
"The Hyena"

Dynamo #3 
"The Unseen Enemy"
"Bad Day for Leonard Brown" 
"The Feats of Samson"
"Honeymoon or High Noon"
"Weed vs. T.H.U.N.D.E.R."

Dynamo #4  
"The Maze"
"The Secret Word is..."
"Dynamo's Day Off"
"The Weakest Man in the World"
"Once Upon a Time" (Agent Weed story)
Justice Machine Annual #1 - THUNDER Agents drawn by Michael Golden!
T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #1 JC Magazine! Mark Teixiera cover & art!
Hall of Fame T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #1 reprints classic Tower Comics!
T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents & Dynamo showed up through a number of publishers through the years.
Why the red & white suit? Who knows! I still loved all these paperback reprints!
T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #1 Tower Comic that started it all!!!
 A paperback, Dynamo, Man of High Camp, was published by Tower Books reprinting his appearances in T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #1. 

Even Rob Liefeld claimed to have held the rights to the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents!
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

One of my T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents faves, Paul Gulacy from Omni Comix #3!


  1. Love Dynamo. Never understood why DC keeps licensing other publishers' characters so they can ruin them with crappy "modernization." Just Awful.

  2. Love the WW Original pencil roughs.