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Uncontrolled Robots Create a Fantastic Plot to Blow Up North Am

Gold Key Comics' Magnus, Robot Fighter created, written and drawn by the impeccable Russ Manning! Other writers included Don Christiansen, Herb Kastle, Robert Schaefer & Eric Freiwald, who worked on The Aliens feature as well. Mike Royer did some art assist with some background assists by Bill Spicer. George Wilson & Vic Prezio provided painted covers also used as pin-ups on the back cover. 

Great recap of Magnus' origin!

 Magnus is a human who battles rogue robots in the year 4000. Raised by a robot known as 1A, Magnus was mentored from infancy by 1A, a Freewill robot, in an under-sea domed house, using advanced techniques to become a skilled martial artist who could break steel with his bare hands. Magnus was equipped with a device that would allow him to "hear" robot-to-robot radio communications. 

Love the Fastner & Larson artwork!
Leeja is Magnus's girlfriend and future wife. Victor Zeramiah Clane, North Am Senator and future President, was Leeja father.

 Magnus, Robot Fighter #8  In the Grand Canyon, Magnus Defies an Ancient Battle-Rob that Causes Havoc at Weather-Control!
"Havoc at Weather-Control"
"An Alien Welcome" 
Aliens feature. 
Original Russ Manning art for Magnus, Robot Fighter #9!
Magnus, Robot Fighter #9  Magnus stages a Last Desperate Defense Against an Indestructible Robot Ghost and its Phantom Followers!
"Robot Ghost"
"Talk Down"  
Aliens feature.
Magnus, Robot Fighter #10  Magnus Battles Overwhelming Odds to Solve the Mystery of a Weird, Devastating Octo-Rob!
"The Mysterious Octo-Rob"
"Fear of the Unknown"
Aliens feature.
Magnus, Robot Fighter #11  Magnus Invades the Domain of the Mastermind Whose Beasts of Steel Terrorize North Am!
"Beasts of Steel"
"False Men"
Aliens feature.
Magnus, Robot Fighter #12  Uncontrolled Robots Create a Fantastic Plot to Blow Up North Am: The Volcano Makers!"
"The Volcano Makers"
"The Time Distorters"
Aliens feature. 
Magnus, Robot Fighter #13  Leeja's Telepathic Cry for Help Causes Magnus to Risk the Sun's Fiery Destruction as he Attacks The Evil Ark of Dr. Noel!

"The Evil Ark of Dr. Noel"
"The Day of the Nightmare"
Aliens Feature.

Magnus, Robot Fighter #14  An Unseen Sinister Force Plagues all North Am by Creating
Ever-growing Monster-Robs!
"The Monster-Robs"
"The Conspiracy"
Aliens feature.
Note the Walt Simonson illo on the lower right hand corner!
Valiant Magnus trading card by Paul Gulacy!
Gold Key Comics' Magnus, Robot Fighter #13 is reprinted in Valiant Comics' Vintage Magnus Robot Fighter #3, sporting a new Tom Ryder & Alan Weiss cover and a Walt Simonson sketch featured in the Robot Gallery.

These issues are reprinted in Dark Horse's Magnus Robot Fighter Archives Vol. 2. Highly recommended hardcover edition!

The Aliens #1 Gold Key Comics!
The Aliens #2  Whitman Comics!
More information on The Aliens can be found in one of my previous posts:

I grew up with fond memories of Magnus, Robot Fighter. He and Doctor Solar were some of my favorite superhero comics alongside the popular Spider-Man and Batman. Russ Manning rushed to the forefront of my favorite artists at that time as well. 

Line art cover for Magnus #29, reprint of Magnus #7! Original cover was painted!
Walking Dead homage cover to Magnus #1 Dynamite Comics!
Painted cover for Magnus #7 Acclaim Comics!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
Magnus by Rob Liefeld!

Painting for cover to Magnus #7

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