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Entering a New Dimension, Magnus, Robot Fighter!

Gold Key Comics' Magnus, Robot Fighter created, written and drawn by the impeccable Russ Manning! Other writers included Herb Kastle (not Castle as often misspelled by fans) on #15 & #17, as well as Don Christiansen on #20. Vic Prezio provided wonderful painted covers on Magnus #15-#19, actually some of my favorites, especially #17 & #18. George Wilson painted the great cover for Magnus #20.

Magnus is a human who battles rogue robots in the year 4000. Raised by a robot known as 1A, Magnus was mentored from infancy by 1A, a Freewill robot, in an under-sea domed house, using advanced techniques to become a skilled martial artist who could break steel with his bare hands. Magnus was equipped with a device that would allow him to "hear" robot-to-robot radio communications. 
Shades of Ming the Merciless!
Magnus, Robot Fighter #15  Magnus Enters a New Dimension -- The Weird World of Mogul Badur!
"The Weird World of Mogul Badur"
Magnus and Leeja are kidnapped by Mogul Badur, a dictator seeking to prolong his already abnormally long life.
"Free to Fly"
Magnus tells Leeja about some of mankind's achievements in the field of flight feature.
"Defensive Weapon"
The Aliens feature.

Magnus, Robot Fighter #16  Aided by a Talking Neo-Dog, Magnus Invades the Hazardous Domain of the Vicious Gophs!
"Cloud Cloddie, Go Home!"
A pair of orphaned Gophs use a robot made from spare parts and a neo-dog to steal food and clothes for them.
The Aliens feature.

Magnus, Robot Fighter #17  Magnus Pits his Awesome Powers Against Invading Mini-Robs from Sirius!
"The Deadly Peril from Sirius"
Invaders from Sirius use the gift of an advanced robot as a "Trojan Horse."
"Crystals of Life"
The Aliens feature. 
Love the moodiness on this page!
Magnus, Robot Fighter #18  Robot Justice makes Magnus a Fugitive from Robot-Police! MAGNUS versus NORTH AM!
"Magnus vs. North Am"
Magnus is accused of being a non-human alien and a threat to North Am.
"The Crustal Crawler"
The Aliens feature. 

Magnus, Robot Fighter #19  A Secret Organization Conspires to Strike Terror Throughout North Am with FEAR UNLIMITED!
"Fear Unlimited"
Dr. Noel uses the Outsiders illusion-casting robs to make the people of North Am distrustful of robots.
"An Alien Phobia"
The Aliens feature.  
Magnus, Robot Fighter #20  Magnus Combats the Clutching Claw of Bunda the Great!
"Bunda the Great"
Magnus and Leeja travel to the Himalayas to help free a kingdom from a robot dictator.
"The Face of Time"
The Aliens feature.

Magnus, Robot Fighter #21  A Giant Magnus! Impossible! Not When he Meets BLACK MAGIC and the Space Specter!
"Space Specter"
Xyrkol and Dr. Noel team-up and create a robot powered by black magic.
"Into the Abyss"
The Aliens feature.  

Vintage Magnus Robot Fighter #4 reprinted Gold Key Comics' Magnus #16 and "Free to Fly" feature from Magnus #15 with a sharp new cover by Ernie Colon & Bob Layton.

These Gold Key Comics were reprinted in a sweet Dark Horse hardback Magnus Robot Fighter Archives Vol. 3 with the the only George Wilson cover, #20, in this series of issues.
Highly Recommended!!!

I grew up with very fond memories of Magnus, Robot Fighter. He and Doctor Solar were some of my favorite superhero comics alongside the popular Spider-Man and Batman. Russ Manning rushed to the forefront of my favorite artists at that time as well. 

Original Russ Manning artwork!
Old school fan art!

Well, tomorrow I shall wrap it up with Magnus. Don't miss it!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Magnus #30, reprint of #16 with Russ Manning line art!
Frank Miller take on Magnus!
One of my favorite Valiant covers!
More original Russ Manning art!

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