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Garrison's Gorillas was a Dell Comics running 5 issues, based on the exciting TV series. Featuring photo covers, the comic book was drawn by Sam Glanzman, a popular artist on war comics. 

Inspired by the film The Dirty Dozen, Garrison's Gorillas chronicled the undercover adventures of a group of convicts, recruited into the U.S. Army, by the offer of a post-war parole. Commanded by West Point graduate, Lt. Craig Garrison, the "Gorillas" function as commandos behind Nazi lines.

Ron Harper also starred in the Planet of the Apes TV series. 
The TV series starred:
Ron Harper as Lt. Craig Garrison
Cesare Danova as Actor
Brendon Boone as Chief
Christopher Cary as Goniff
Rudy Solari as Casino

Garrison's Gorillas #1  The Rat Pack of Undercover Commandos Spread Havoc and Destruction Behind Enemy Lines.
"Break Out"
"The Frame Up"
Garrison's Gorillas #2  An Astonishing Raid to Rid the Underground of Spies! Only the Gorillas can do it!
"There's a Rat in the Underground"

"Big Bertha"

Garrison's Gorillas #3  Mission of Mercy! A Daring Raid to Save a Buddy!
"To Rescue a Friend"
"The Firing Squad"

Garrison's Gorillas #4  Life or Death Missions...Against Impossible Dangers!
"The Master Chef"
"Appointment Under the City"
"Bavarian Blow-Up"
Chic Stone provided artwork for this issue. This was the only cover not to show Lt. Craig Garrison, the Gorilla's leader.

Garrison's Gorillas #5 was a reprint of #1 with a bump up in price. Those were the big bumps at the time. 

Unfortunately I have not seen this series reprinted, such a shame. I've heard of the series collected on DVD, although I've not run across it.

The Garrison's Gorillas novel was written by Jack Pearl, a noted author at the time, based on the TV series.

Whitman Books came out with Garrison's Gorillas "The Fear Formula" a original hardback novel, illustrated, also written by Jack Pearl (Our Man Flint, Invaders Dam of Death.) 

Topps came out with a trading card series of Garrison's Gorillas. 

If you've got a chance, give it a try. I really liked this show and would recommend it.  

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