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Gold Key Comics Time Tunnel series lasted only two issues. It was written by Paul S. Newman with Tom Gill artwork. The had painted George Wilson covers with photo pin-ups on the back cover. 
Foreign trading card.
Concept art!
A top secret U.S. Government program is attempting to build a time machine. When a visiting Senator seems about to cut off funds for the project, Professor Tony Newman jumps into the tunnel and finds himself in the year 1912 on the Titanic just hours before it would sink! Professor Douglas Phillips follows him in a rescue attempt, but they both end out trapped in time! 

Their team in the present is constantly trying to repair the time tunnel to bring them back, but to no avail. Each week thereafter, they would either find themselves at some major historical event or they might be battling aliens in the future. 

  Time Tunnel #1  Two Scientists are Hurled Helpless into the Lost World of Time!
"The Assassins"
"The Lion or the Volcano?"
"Mars Countdown"

Time Tunnel #2  D-Day 1944! The Nazis get a Second Chance - This Time with Weapons from the Future!
"The Conquerors"
"The Captives"

The Hermes Time Tunnel collection offers all of the thrills of these complete comics- and more! The 80 page Time Tunnel edition also packs ten pages of behind-the-scenes production artwork, photographs, and images of vintage collectibles- a highly recommended treasure for Irwin Allen fans!


There were two paperback novels written by sci-fi legend Murray Leinster, published by Pyramid Books. The first book had an art cover and the second book (Timeslip) a photo cover. 


The TV series is available on two DVD sets.

There was a Time Tunnel coloring  book & ViewMaster set!

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