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 In the year 4,000, the human race is threatened by robots bent to enslave mankind, and only one man has the power to fight back!

Gold Key Comics' Magnus, Robot Fighter created, written and drawn by the impeccable Russ Manning! Other writers included Robert Schaefer & Eric Freiwald, who worked on The Aliens feature as well. Russ Manning and George Wilson provided painted covers also used as pin-ups on the back cover. 

Magnus is a human who battles rogue robots in the year 4000. Raised by a robot known as 1A, Magnus was mentored from infancy by 1A, a Freewill robot, in an under-sea domed house, using advanced techniques to become a skilled martial artist who could break steel with his bare hands. Magnus was equipped with a device that would allow him to "hear" robot-to-robot radio communications. 

Leeja is Magnus's girlfriend and future wife. Victor Zeramiah Clane, North Am Senator and future President, was Leeja father.

The Aliens feature was also written and drawn by Russ Manning. Portions of the feature (Magnus #1, #3, #4, #6-#10) were reprinted in a single issue of The Aliens put out by Gold Key Comics, including the traditional back cover pin-up. Whitman later reprinted this same issue, without the back cover pin-up. Valiant also reprinted the series (Magnus #1-#14)  in Captain Johner and the Aliens #1 with a new cover drawn by Paul Smith!

 Magnus, Robot Fighter #1  From the Sea Comes Magnus to Fight the Evil Robots Who are the Masters of Men!
"Magnus, Robot Fighter" 
"The Aliens"
Magnus, Robot Fighter #2  Human-Like Robots are Created to Sabotage the Government of North Am and Magnus must Battle a Steel Replica of Himself!
"Operation Disguise"
"Space Derelict"
Aliens feature.  
 Magnus, Robot Fighter #3  Magnus Pits his Steel-Fighting Strength Against a Giant Robot from Another Planet!
"Giant from Planet X"
"A Matter of Judgement"  
Aliens feature.

Cover painted by Russ Manning!

Magnus, Robot Fighter #4  Leeja Joins Magnus in the Search for a Mighty Undersea Think-Rob Which Plots the Destruction of Mankind!
"Menace from the Depths"
"Suspense in Space"
Aliens feature. 
Hand drawn back cover pin-up by Russ Manning!

Magnus, Robot Fighter #5  Magnus faces "The Immortal One," The Robot that Cannot be Destroyed!
"The Immortal One"
"Forced Landing"
Aliens feature.
The only line drawn cover, by Russ Manning of course, of the series!

Magnus, Robot Fighter #6  Brainwashed Children, at the Brink of Disaster, Revolt Against Evil Robot Masters to Help Magnus in a Daring Rescue!
"Alone Against Talpa"
"A Case of Nerves"
Aliens feature. 

Magnus, Robot Fighter #7  Trapped on a Monstrous Planet, Magnus Defies the Evil Xyrkol and Flame-Throwing Robots!
"The Power of One Thousand"
"The Dream Makers"
Aliens feature.
Vintage Magnus Robot Fighter #1 reprints Gold Key Magnus #1!

Vintage Magnus Robot Fighter #2 reprints Gold Key Magnus #2!

Valiant card by Steve Ditko for Magnus Robot Fighter series!
Valiant Comics came out with Vintage Magnus, Robot Fighter, reprinting some of the Gold Key series. 
Magnus robot Fighter Archives Vol. 1 reprints Gold Key Magnus #1-#7!
Dark Horse published three hardback volumes of Magnus, Robot Fighter Archives. They encompass the famous Russ Manning work on the Gold Key series. A highly recommended set for any fan of his work.

Rarely featured Jim Steranko design of Magnus Robot Fighter!
Side note, iBooks came out with a Magnus, Robot Fighter graphic novel. Legendary artist Jim (Nick Fury) Steranko developed a dynamic Magnus for the book.

I grew up with fond memories of Magnus. He and Doctor Solar were some of my favorite superhero comics alongside the popular Spider-Man and Batman. Russ Manning rushed to the forefront of my favorite artists as well. 

Live Large My Friends!

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