Tuesday, October 18, 2016


I really enjoyed the looks of this cover! I am a big fan of dinosaurs, snakes and the like, comic book covers. This cover delivered, it didn't disappoint.

Fine trade paperback of Al Williamson on Flash Gordon. Huge collection. Highly recommended!
Over the years, several publishers have produced Flash Gordon comics, either reprints or original stories. David McKay, Dell and Harvey Comics reprinted the classic Alex Raymond comic strips. King, Charlton and Gold Key (finishing under their Whitman imprint) Comics came along with exciting new stories and the major motion picture adaptation.

Flash Gordon #26  Flash bulldogs the Snake Monster-the Battle Begins!
"The Land of the Serpents Part 1"
Exploring Mongo, in his search for allies against Ming the Merciless, Flash, Dale and Dr. Zarkov chart unknown territories and come across a beautiful, but terrifying land of serpents.  
Written by Gary Poole (Battle of the Planets) with art by Carlos Garzon (Blade Runner).
"The Land of the Serpents Part 2"
Finding Zarkov missing, Serpia puts Flash under arrest.  
Written by Gary Poole with art by Carlos Garzon.

This issue was printed under both the Gold Key & Whitman imprints. 

Flash Gordon #26 was reprinted in Dark Horse Comics magnificent hardcover The Flash Gordon Comic Book Archives Volume 4. This great volume collected #19 - #27 of the Gold Key comics series and featured the painted cover from issue #20 on the slipcover.

The recolored Portugal cover for their Flash Gordon #8 reprint of Flash Gordon #26.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
Magnificent Al Williamson panorama!
Nice statue of Flash Gordon from the Dark Horse series.
Great Alex Raymond illustration of Flash Gordon!

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