Thursday, October 6, 2016


It was great fun reading Charlton Comics, in particular, Captain Atom when he combined forces with the lovely Nightshade, the Darling of Darkness! I was already a big time Captain Atom fan, but he needed someone to lighten the mood and Nightshade was the perfect compliment.

The cover to the unpublished Captain Atom #90! It was so fine to have this finally published in Charlton Bullseye #1 & #2.

With the introduction of the Sunurians, in our latest Charlton Comics Captain Atom story here, we have a direct tie into a previously unfinished story by Steve Ditko. It was left unfinished for some time, until Roger Stern (under the pen name Jon G. Michels) and John Byrne completed it. We were graced with it in the first two issues of the hard to come by Charlton Bullseye fanzine series. 

In this issue's Captain's Column, Richard Teeter (The Dictators drummer and later, drummer for Twisted Sister) has a letter printed.
Captain Atom #86
"The Fury of the Faceless Foe"
Captain Atom and Nightshade (her third appearance) once again take on The Ghost. How do you capture a foe who disappears into thin air any time you get even remotely near him?
Introduction of the Sunurians, to be seen in an unfinished story from Ditko, later completed by John Byrne (Doomsday +1) and finally published in The Charlton Bullseye #1 & #2 & subsequently reprinted in DC Comics The Action Hero Archives Vol. 2
Plot by Steve Ditko (Man-Bat), script by David A. Kaler (The Witching Hour) with cover and interior art by Ditko & Rocco "Rocke" Mastroserio (Mysterious Suspense).

This story was reprinted in DC Comics The Action Hero Archives Volume 2. It's wonderful to have these two fine volumes collecting all of the Ditko's Captain Atom, as well as his Blue Beetle and Question stories.
More Steve Ditko greatness!
Nice DC Profile of Captain Atom, before they radically changed him.
 Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

It was great to see Nightshade get her own feature in the next issue of Captain Atom (#87). Nice Jim Aparo artwork! 

It would have cool to see more Jim Starlin on Captain Atom, but at least we enjoyed him on all his cosmic goodness in Marvel Comics' Captain Marvel. Starlin is just so, so very fine!
A fan colorized version of the unpublished Captain Atom #90 cover.
Action from another Nightshade feature to come in the pages of Captain Atom.

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