Tuesday, October 25, 2016


This was a great time to be into the legend of Charlton Comics' Captain Atom. For me, this was some of my all-time favorite Steve Ditko comic book artwork. I loved his cover on this issue, powerful! Rocke Mastroserio provided some of his best inks over Ditko's art in this story.

This issue also brought us a fine David A. Kaler and Jim Aparo Nightshade back-up story, revealing the origin of Nightshade. There was some fantastic Aparo artwork here, I loved the way he brought in the color with the flashback sequences instead of a common black and white.

Captain Atom #87  Double Danger with the Fiery-Icer!
"The Menace of the Fiery-Icer"
Plot & pencils by Steve Ditko (Beware the Creeper), script by David A. Kaler (The Many Ghosts of Dr. Graves), inks by Rocke Mastroserio (Fightin' 5).
In the Carribean, Captain Atom encounters an enemy who wields the incredible combined powers of heat and cold.  

With DC Comics The Action Heroes Archives Volume 2, the Captain Atom figure taken from the story (page 11) in Captain Atom #87.

Steve Ditko also showed up for one issue in Dell Comics' Nukla (#4) series. Joe Gill provided the script while Sal Trapani inked the issue. 

Live Large My Friends!

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My all-time favorite illustration of Captain Atom by Ditko!
Nice to see a Charlton Ditko reprint in this reproduction of an old 80 Page Giant DC Comic!
The new Captain Atom was included in this AC Comic, just before DC got their hands on the Charlton Action Heroes!

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  1. That was Rocke's last CA before he died. I agree; he went out a champion.