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M. F. Enterprises' Captain Marvel was a short lived (and only superhero) title written by Roger (Psycho, Starstream) Elwood with artwork by Leon (Captain Marvel only) Francho & Carl (Golden Age Human Torch) Burgos.

Psycho #1 Roger Elwood short story!
Starstream #4 Roger Elwood short story!
Fantasy Masterpieces #9 Origin of Carl Burgos Human Torch!

In Captain Marvel #1, we are introduced to a super-android is created on another planet and named Captain Marvel. Atomic war breaks out, destroying the planet. 

The hero eventually lands on Earth and is befriended by a boy named Billy Baxton. 

As Roger Winkle, Captain Marvel gets a job as a writer for a press service and fights crime by splitting into six parts (head, torso, arms, and legs) upon crying “Split!”, and reuniting upon crying “Xam!” He can also shoot laser beams from his eyes, is super intelligent, deflect bullets and emit electrical shocks. 

In the second story, "The Invisible Aliens," Captain Marvel battles devious aliens from another dimension.

Capt Marvel vs Plastic Man!

Filling out the trilogy, "The Blue Men of Venus,"  has Captain Marvel meeting the blue-skinned Venusians, and battling the villainous Plastic-Man! Plastic-Man, a criminal Gronk from Venus, escapes and relocates to Earth!

Captain Marvel #2
Captain Marvel #3
Captain Marvel #4
This was the only issue, of six issues, I've come across. Two of the six issues were titled Captain Marvel Presents the Terrible Five.  
I thoroughly enjoyed the fun comic book, worth checking out.

Live Large My Friends!

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Captain Marvel #5
Captain Marvel Presents The Terrible 5 #1
Weird #1 Carl Burgos Frankenstein story!

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  1. Split! I managed to get four or five of these at $1-$2 apiece! Great fun. Love their ballsy use of names like Plastic Man and others that had fallen out of trademark. Too bad Marvel got their hands on the CM trademark.